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Top Reasons Why You Need a MagSafe® Magnetic Wallet

Simplify your everyday carry with a magnetic wallet! With cash and coins on their way out, all you need is your phone and a few important cards and you’re good to go. MagSafe® wallets are specially designed to magnetically attach to your smartphone, freeing up pocket space and keeping your cards secure. Find out below why a MagSafe® magnetic wallet is the perfect accessory in 2023. 

ROKFORM specializes in rugged phone cases and functional accessories that support your on-the-go lifestyle. The advanced engineering that goes into each of the products ensures that your phone withstands the trials of daily wear and heavy use, whether it’s at the job site, gym, or golf course. This April, ROKFORM’s newest product is the FUZION Magnetic Wallet.

What is a MagSafe® Magnetic Wallet?

At first glance, a magnetic wallet looks like a traditional money clip that attaches to the back of your phone but there are several other useful features along for the ride, such as kickstands and RFID-blocking. Its basic function is to hold essential cards or banknotes securely to your phone. Typically, there are one or two card pockets that keep contents snugly in place, yet are easy to slide out at a moment’s notice. 

Money clip wallets have been around for a long time but the new MagSafe® technology built into modern smartphones has changed the game. Now, users can stick accessories directly to their phone or case via magnets, without the need for messy, permanent adhesive.

FUZION MagnWallet attaching to ROKFORM Rugged iPhone Case

A MagSafe® magnetic wallet firmly attaches to the back of a phone via powerful magnets that won’t interfere with any of the phone’s functions. And because it’s magnetic, you can easily separate your wallet from your phone whenever it’s convenient!

ROKFORM has recently launched their next-generation wallet, the FUZION Magnetic MAGMAX™ Wallet with Stand. This new accessory improves on the previous model by adding a kickstand and extra-strength MAGMAX™ MagSafe® ring. It holds up to 7 cards and 3 bills so you’ll never be caught without your essentials! 

The Advantages of a Magnetic Wallet

Why use a magnetic wallet instead of a traditional wallet? Here are three reasons why you should ditch your bulky wallet and opt for a magnetic wallet, instead! 

1. Your Essentials All in One Place

In today’s world, having your phone and wallet with you at all times is a must-do. Leaving home without these items will likely result in a necessary return home, so it’s a good idea to keep them together. They may even be more important than house keys now that there are smart locks on doors that open with a passcode or app!

FUZION Magnetic Wallet with Stand holding credit cards

While a smartphone can replace the need to carry credit cards or some transit passes, it's still important to carry a driver's license or other form of identification. And if networking is your thing, business cards slide right into the card holder. With a magnetic wallet attached to the back of your phone, you’ll always have what you need and never be caught out unprepared.

Magnetic wallets can attach directly to the back of your phone but it’s a good idea to pair them with a protective case as well. ROKFORM specializes in heavy-duty phone cases for Apple and Samsung devices, defending your phone from drops up to 6 feet. The cases are made of premium materials and are compatible with ROKFORM’s wide range of accessories and mounts.        

2. Slim and Lightweight

Another key benefit of clip wallets is their slim and lightweight profile. This type of minimalist wallet is much thinner than a traditional wallet, saving valuable space in your pocket and preventing the classic “wallet bulge”. Sitting on a thick wallet can even throw off your posture and muscle alignment over time!

ROKFORM iPhone Rugged Case and FUZION Magnetic Wallet with Cards

Magnetic wallets with a slim profile also help reduce the clutter that invades purses or wallets, including receipts, old cards, and necessary slips of paper. When there’s only room for a few cards or bills, it encourages users to consider what’s really needed on a daily basis— and it’s less than you think! Especially in this increasingly cashless world, there’s not much of a reason to walk around with a wallet bursting with dollar bills, something that’s both risky and a hassle.

3. Integrated Features

While all magnetic wallets serve the primary purpose of keeping a few cards and bills secure, many have additional features that can come in handy. It’ll vary from wallet to wallet but there are a few extra touches that are commonly included. 

For example, many magnetic wallets have built-in phone stands so users can easily prop up their device on a flat surface. Other models feature RFID protection that defends against identity theft or illegal scanners that can scrape your card data from a distance. 

ROKFORM MagneticSport Ring on iPhone with ROKFORM Rugged Case

Some wallets on the market can fold out and become a kind of handle or loop that offers a more secure grip of your phone. People looking for this type of feature can check out the ROKFORM Sport Ring that easily twists on and off a compatible phone case. ROKFORM fans should also keep an eye out for the upcoming MagSafe® Sport Ring that works via magnetic connection!

Customers have the choice of wallet material which can make a big difference to how it feels in one’s hand as well as durability. Products are made from a range of materials, including genuine leather, vegan leather, a plant-based material, or metal. A leather wallet is soft to the touch whereas a metal wallet is significantly more durable.

Table comparing wallet types

All-New ROKFORM FUZION Magnetic MAGMAX™ Wallet with Stand

ROKFORM has officially launched the new FUZION Magnetic Wallet that’s the perfect complement for your smartphone and active lifestyle. This slim wallet is MagSafe® compatible with a built-in stand for easy screen viewing on the go. Dive deeper into the wallet’s details below!

Strong and Lightweight

The premium-quality construction and integrated features make the FUZION magnetic wallet stand out from the pack. It’s built with aircraft-grade aluminum complete with lightweight titanium screws and special grips that keep your cards secure. The wallet holds up to 7 cards and 3 bills with RFID-blocking technology, weighing only 95 grams in total.

Infographic featuring ROKFORM magnetic wallet

Powerful Magnets

The FUZION wallet is the evolution of ROKFORM’s original Aluminum Magnetic Wallet. Building on the previous generation’s success, ROKFORM made tweaks and loaded the latest iteration with all-new features based on customer feedback. For example, the previous model had a steel plate making it magnetic, but the FUZION wallet utilizes the specialized MAGMAX™ MagSafe® ring to achieve an even stronger, more secure magnetic bond.

Man attaching FUZION Magnetic Wallet to MagSafe® ROKFORM iPhone Case

The MAGMAX™™ magnets over an extra-strength MagSafe®® hold that’s 10x stronger when used with ROKFORM cases. The strong built-in magnets are positioned in a circle to match up with your iPhone or Samsung’s magnetic layout. This customized feature allows the wallet to attach directly to any MagSafe® compatible phone or case. 

Built-in Kickstand

Another new feature on the FUZION magnetic wallet is the integrated folding stand designed for convenient viewing. The kickstand is long enough for stable viewing in either landscape or portrait modes. Get your FUZION wallet today and take advantage of free shipping for all orders over $45 within the United States!

FUZION Magnetic Wallet with Stand next to light blue coffee cup

Get a closer look at the Fuzion MAGMAX™ Magnetic Wallet and all its useful features:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MagSafe®?

MagSafe® is a magnetic technology developed by Apple included in all devices from the iPhone 12 and newer. MagSafe® is a circular set of magnets built into the iPhone that allows for a magnetic connection to a wireless charger or a variety of accessories.

ROKFORM MagSafe®-compatible products include phone cases, car mounts, the FUZION magnetic wallet, and more. These accessories are specially designed for faster charging and a stronger connection for your iPhone. Learn more about “What is MagSafe?” in this helpful article.

Are magnetic wallets safe to use near my phone and cards?

Absolutely, the FUZION magnetic wallet utilizes MagSafe® technology that’s specially designed for your phone. The magnets won’t interfere with your device’s functionality or damage internal components. Payment cards won’t be impacted either and the wallet even includes RFID-blocking technology to protect your data.

Which phone cases are compatible with the FUZION Magnetic MAGMAX™ Wallet?

The FUZION wallet works with any MagSafe®-compatible phone or case. The extra-strength magnets are 2x stronger than standard MagSafe® wallets and are 10x stronger when using a ROKFORM Case equipped with MAGMAX™ technology.

ROKFORM: Magnetic Accessories for your Smartphone

ROKFORM’s MAGMAX™ technology provides an even stronger bond between your device and magnetic accessory, including wireless chargers, phone cases, and mounts. Protect your phone and essential cards all in one place with a ROKFORM phone case and compatible FUZION Magnetic Wallet.

Have questions about our products or which case is right for your smartphone? We are available for online chat or in-person at our Irvine, California showroom. Call us toll-free at 855-765-3676, or email us at, or visit us at

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