The anatomy of a MagSafe®-compatible Rokform car mount

by Krista A. June 16, 2022

The anatomy of a MagSafe®-compatible Rokform car mount

Last month we posted a MagSafe® 101 for iPhone owners, which provided a solid intro into Apple’s MagSafe® technology. If you don’t have a newer iPhone yet or do but hadn’t really used it yet, hopefully the article convinced you to make the most out of MagSafe®. Today we’re walking you through all the features of our Rokform MagSafe® accessories. 


A brief refresher on MagSafe®

Whether you’re charging your iPhone wirelessly or mounting it, Apple’s MagSafe® wireless charging uses a series of magnets to keep your device in a specific place. MagSafe® devices and accessories are comprised of a set of small magnets that are embedded. These magnets help phones to align perfectly on charging docks and other MagSafe-compatible accessories, such as this MagSafe® Swivel Mount by Rokform, for faster, more reliable wireless charging. 

If you have an Apple iPhone 12 or newer, your phone has MagSafe® built-in, so you can make use of MagSafe® accessories and technology. Here are the special features you’ll find in every Rokform accessory with MagSafe® compatibility. 


Strong center magnet

Just below the super grip face our Rokform’s MagSafe® mounts is an array of compatible magnets along with a heavy-duty center magnet that works with all MagSafe® compatible phones & cases and all ROKFORM magnetic cases. The enlarged magnetic ring is up to twice as strong as standard MagSafe® compatible magnetic arrays.

Rokform MagSafe Mount features


Anti-slip grip 

Rokform’s MagSafe®-compatible car mounts are made with a specially designed silicone face, which allows for stable, non-slip mounting. That means once the phone is mounted, you won’t have to worry about your phone sliding off the mount or having to constantly adjust it.


Compact design

Rokform car mounts with MagSafe® compatibility maintain the sleek, compact design of our standard auto mounts. The face of each mount is no more than 65mm wide and 8 mm deep. 

Rokform MagSafe mounts - compact


Easy and secure installation

Whether you prefer your car mount attached to your air vent, your windshield or your dashboard, you can rest assured that it’ll stay secured. 

  • Swivel mount - Installs using 3M VHB adhesive is residue-free that will stick to any flat, non-porous surface.
  • Windshield mount - Installs using a powerful suction cup that secures the mount onto any smooth flat surface.
  • Vent mount - Installs by sliding over almost any air vent with an extra wide grip clamp.


Universal fit

Our MagSafe® mounts work with all ROKFORM cases and MagSafe® compatible phones & cases. While we always recommend protecting your phone with a Rokform case, you do not need to use a Rokform cases for our MagSafe® mounts to work.


The MagSafe® collection from Rokform

Since MagSafe® was first released in 2017, we’ve adapted our best-selling auto mounts for MagSafe® compatibility, so you can pair Rokform’s magnet technology with Apple’s MagSafe® charging and mounting.  

Shop the MagSafe® collection of Rokorm mounts


MagSafe® Swivel Mount

MagSafe Swivel Mount

The MagSafe® Swivel Mount installs onto any dashboard with powerful 3M VHB adhesive and is built with a CNC-machined aluminium swivel that can be easily adjusted to find the best viewing angle. With a 360-degree rotation on the swivel, you are sure to find the perfect viewing angle just for you.

Shop Rokform’s MagSafe® Swivel Mount - $49.99


MagSafe® Vent Mount 

MagSafe Vent Mount

The MagSafe® Vent Mount installs by sliding over any vent, so your phone is accessible in one of the most convenient locations. If you are looking for a sleek, low-profile car mount, the ROKFORM Vent Mount is a secure and safe option.

Shop Rokform’s MagSafe® Vent Mount - $39.99


MagSafe® Windshield Suction Mount 

MagSafe Suction Mount

The heavy duty suction mount and reinforced polycarbonate construction holds securely and won’t vibrate while you're driving through all sorts of terrain. The fully adjustable head, which allows for 210-degrees of tilt and 360-degrees of rotation, is stacked with MagSafe® compatible magnets along with a heavy-duty center magnet that works with all MagSafe® compatible phones and accessories, and all Rokform cases. 

Shop Rokform’s MagSafe® Windshield Suction Mount - $59.99


How to use MagSafe with Rokform cases

Want to watch a quick video on how Apple’s MagSafe® works with our Rokfom cases? Check out this video from our YouTube chanNel.

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Krista A.


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