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The Best Road Trip Accessories and Must-Haves in Your Car

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Even the most spontaneous road trips can benefit from a little preparation. Having the right gear and essential accessories already in your car encourages you to take those spur-of-the-moment drives that you’ll remember forever. 

ROKFORM products are purpose-built to protect your phone and add functionality in the car. The powerful MAGMAX technology on its rugged phone cases and car phone holders allows you to attach your phone to any magnetic surface for hands-free use, perfect for long road trips.

Best Road Trip Accessories and Essentials

Every road trip is a guaranteed adventure, and there’ll be many surprises along the way. Unexpected stops like forgotten towns, sudden weather changes, and larger-than-life characters are all part of the fun. But a flat tire or other unwelcome surprises can throw a wrench into your plans, so it’s best to be prepared.

Whether you’re planning a big family vacation or a weekend getaway, keep reading to learn about the must-have items in your car!

Must-Have Gear for Road Trips

Car trunks are often the forgotten back forty of your vehicle but, on road trips, they are crucial storage spots. It’s a good idea to place bigger items or gear that you don’t need every day back here. This way, they’re out of the way while still being accessible in case of an unanticipated sticky situation.

Things like a first aid kit, jumper cables, and extra water bottles are perfect candidates— they take up space but, when the time comes, you’ll be so glad you had them. Other must-haves include a roadside emergency kit or straps for carrying gear on top of your vehicle. Smaller items, such as wet wipes or a plastic bag, can be kept up front with you in the glove compartment for quick access.

With their numerous functions, cell phones are the perfect road trip tool that’s small enough to stay out of sight while you’re busy taking in the beauty of the long journey. Protect your precious device with ROKFORM phone cases designed for Apple and Samsung products. The high-quality construction defends against drops of up to 6 feet and strong magnets are compatible with ROKFORM’s wide range of car phone holders.

Driver’s Favorite Items

Making sure the driver has everything they need within arm’s reach is important for a comfortable and smooth-going road trip. This is especially important when driving alone, but it can also help prevent passengers from rummaging through the entire car to locate small things like chargers or maps.

The best things to have up front near the driver's car seat include the most frequently used items like a travel mug or favorite snacks. And to cut down on plastic waste, we can help out our national parks by using a reusable coffee cup or reusable water bottle such as a Hydro Flask made from stainless steel— the planet will thank you!

Car Phone Holders

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your setup is with a car phone mount. Driving hands-free is a must for safety and having a smartphone car mount keeps your phone securely in place, giving you easy access to all its features. Use your phone as a GPS device with Google Maps and flip through music or other helpful apps.

ROKFORM offers a wide range of car phone mounts so you can secure your device however you want. Choose from a magnetic vent mount, swivel dash mount, or windshield suction mount for multiple ways to keep your phone at your fingertips. 

Each design features either a strong magnetic connection or a twist-lock mounting system that ensures your device will always stay right where you want it. Instead of letting your phone rattle around in a cup holder that’s never the right size, try a strong, secure mount!

Passenger Essentials

If you’re traveling with passengers, having the right accessories can go a long way toward keeping them comfortable and entertained on long drives. Passengers don’t always get off scot-free, though— fulfilling their co-pilot duties is a great way to assist the driver with navigation, music, and by passing around snacks.

Common passenger essentials include a travel pillow or neck pillow, blankets, and plenty of snacks (including some healthy ones!). Frequent road trippers will also remember having a travel scavenger hunt card game or other activities to pass the time, like finding license plates from every state. Especially if you are traveling with young children, be sure to have some games or fun ideas up your sleeve!

Smartphones can be a passenger’s best friend on a long journey, keeping boredom at bay and providing tons of tunes. To make sure your device is ready for any situation, use the all-new ROKFORM MagSafe® Sport Ring! This latest generation attaches to your ROKFORM phone case via powerful magnets instead of the twist-lock system of the original RokLock Sport Ring.

Watch the all-new MagSafe Sport Ring with Stand in action!

ROKFORM’s newest phone ring accessory doubles as an ergonomic grip and a sturdy phone stand, letting you watch videos in landscape or portrait mode. Its extra strong magnets hold on tight to your phone and attaches to any compatible magnetic ROKFORM car mount.

Best Tech and Car Gadgets

Road trips aren’t the remote, off-the-grid adventures they used to be— and that’s a good thing! Families and friends enjoy the surrounding nature and real facetime (not the video call kind) with each other while still using modern technology. 

Digital cameras and cell phones let road trippers easily capture their favorite moments of the long trip and share snapshots with loved ones. In addition, navigation apps improve safety while on the open road and help you reach all your planned rest stops and final destinations.

Where there are electronic devices, however, there are batteries and chargers. Many cars have built-in USB ports or you can use a portable power bank to refill your devices’ juice levels. Some modern vehicles even have full-fledged power outlets that can charge larger devices like laptops or electric stoves, so take account of what’s available in your car. 

One of the best ways to keep your battery topped off is with ROKFORM’s power accessories: the RokLock Wireless Charger and Premium Car Charger. Never get caught out with a dead battery again! Simply lock the RokLock Wireless Charger to your RokLock Car Dash Mount or Windshield Suction Mount for ultra-fast wireless charging.

“This is amazing! All you have to do is just click it and forget it and your phone will be charged at your next destination”

—Arturo J. 07/06/2022

Road Trip Accessories Overview

Start your next road trip off on the right foot by packing the right essentials in the car before you go. And along the way, rest stops or supermarkets are great places to replenish supplies or buy items you may have left behind. To double-check your road trip preparation, take a look at the list below for the best road trip accessories!

Road Trip Accessories Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to mount a phone in the car?

Common spots to mount your phone include the dashboard, air vent, or windshield with a suction cup. ROKFORM offers several different car phone mounts and car phone holders so you can mount your device wherever you like. Their secure grip provides complete hands-free functionality anytime you’re driving.

How can I protect my smartphone?

ROKFORM rugged phone cases make sure your phone makes it through your next road trip. The heavy-duty cases made for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones feature impact protection up to 6 feet for extra peace of mind wherever you are. The integrated magnets let you conveniently attach your phone to metal surfaces and compatible mounts making them one of the best road trip accessories.

Can I wirelessly charge my phone in the car?

Absolutely! The RokLock Wireless Charger is the fastest and easiest way to wirelessly charge your phone wirelessly in your car. It attaches to the RokLock Car Dash Mount or Windshield Suction Mount and is compatible with any ROKFORM twist-lock case. To charge additional USB-connected devices, use the Premium Car Charger with dual ports.

ROKFORM: Best Car Accessories for Your Smartphone

Prepare for a successful road trip with ROKFORM’s extensive line of phone accessories designed specifically for your car. Secure your device with a car phone holder or add functionality with ROKFORM’s all-new MagSafe Sport Ring. Grab a great road trip accessory and have a good time wherever you’re headed!

Have more questions about the best road trip accessories? We are available for online chat or in-person at our Irvine, California showroom. Call us toll-free at 855-765-3676, or email us at info@rokform.com, or visit us at www.rokform.com

Frequently Asked Questions About ROKFORM

Are your cases wireless charging compatible?

Yes. For best wireless charging results, we reccomend the following: For Apple® MagSafe® Wireless Charger USB-C 65W Wall Charger from Anker, you can find it on Amazon by searching ASIN: B08F28BH7C. For a wireless charging Pad: TOZO W1 10W wireless charger, you can find this on Amazon by searching ASIN: B07FM8R7J1 and the Apple® 20W USB-C charging adapter. For in vehicle charging: We cannot guarantee that wireless charging with a Crystal or Rugged case will work with all Qi® chargers and in all vehicles due to the nearly infinite combinations, including vehicle type, charging area, power output, etc. For Crystal case customers: Please be sure to remove the round inner microfiber ring on the inside of the case. We no longer include this with current production but if you have it, please remove it for best performance. Removing the round liner will not affect protection. Questions: If you have any questions, please call our customer service team at 855-765-3676 or e-mail at info@rokform.com

Will the magnet in your phone cases hurt my phone?

NO. Manufacturers have been using magnets in phones and tablets for years. Our specially designed rare earth magnets are proven safe for all smartphones and tablets. In a product overview from MacWorld, they said: "magnet based accessories are safe to use on iPads and pose no threat of scrambling interior electronics.” Our magnets will not harm your credit cards either. Magnets will only affect spinning hard drives found in old laptop and desktop computers. The magnet also may affect a hotel key but then again what doesn't? Bottom line, our magnets are safe but don’t set your phone on your old computer or your hotel key ;-)

What is your return policy?

We have a 60-day return policy. To start a return please email us at info@rokform.com. To view our complete return policy, please click here. Our goal at Rokform® is 100% customer satisfaction. Please call us at 1-855-ROKFORM (1-855-765-3676) with any questions or concerns, and we’ll be happy to assist you. Customer Service Hours: - Monday – Thursday, 8am – 5pm PST - Friday, 8am - 3pm PST - Saturday and Sunday: Closed - Toll Free: 1-855–ROKFORM (855) 765-3676

What is your warranty policy?

We have a limited 2-year warranty on most of our products. If you have purchased a product with electronics those products have a 1-year warranty. To submit a warranty ticket please email us at info@rokform.com. To view our full Warranty Policy visit this link: https://www.rokform.com/pages/warranty

Where can I find ROKFORM in my area?

A list of authorized Rokform re-sellers can be found at the link below. https://www.rokform.com/resellers-list

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What makes ROKFORM cases different?

We could go on and on! Luckily, we've simplified it for you here: https://www.rokform.com/pages/case-comparison

What is the best car phone holder?

Choose from vent, dash, and suction mounts to keep information where you need it most with a ROKFORM car phone holder. Shop: https://www.rokform.com/collections/car-mounts

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