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The Top 8 Best GPS Golf Apps in 2023

The app revolution is sweeping through every field, and golf is not left behind. With a GPS golf app, you can get statistical measures of your yardages, track your shots, visualize the course, and plan your shot before you play. Whatever your needs, chances are that there is an app out there to meet them. The problem is settling on one.

ROKFORM phone accessories help you to play the best golf with your golf apps. Our durable, protective cases for iPhones and Samsung devices protect your phone round-the-clock, while our high-performance G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker blends effortlessly into the bubbly atmosphere at the golf course to give you a thrill. 

Thousands of customers have trusted to our powerful, magnetic cases to mount and protect their phones; the Eagle 3 cases are our latest products designed specifically for golf players. Designed with the intense atmosphere and the uneven terrains of the golf course in mind, Eagle 3 Magnetic Cases Golf cases blend with your phone to keep it in place while you land your aces.

What Are the Best GPS Golf Apps?

Whether you are an iOS or Android smartphone user, there is a range of high-quality golf apps in your app store, each offering exciting features. The best golf app for you will be one that meets you where you are and makes your game easier and more fulfilling.

Here is a rundown of the ten best GPS golf apps you can use to improve your golfing experience and get better at landing your aces on the green. Let's dive in.

1. Golfshot

Golfshot is the golfers' ultimate app to record every golf swing as an avid golfer. It has more than a million downloads on Google Play and at least four million members, which attest to its reputation as the go-to app for golfers of all skill levels. The free Golfshot GPS golf app allows you to measure the accurate distances to the center of the green, track your shot, and give you club recommendations based on your game performance. If you are looking for a golf app that provides ease of use, then the Golfshot app is the app for you.

The paid version with premium upgrades gives you the value of a seasoned caddie and more. Golfshot Pro has a unique feature of an augmented reality range finder that not only gives you real-time distances to targets and hazards but also suggests clubs and layout points for you through high-resolution Google Earth images.

Golf ball beside an iPhone 14 Pro Max with ROKFORM Eagle 3 Magnetic Golf Case

Such a versatile app is best in phones with purpose-built casings like the Eagle 3 Magnetic Golf case. The Eagle 3 is ROKFORM’s latest case and is designed specifically for golfers.   Instead of keeping your phone on the cup holder or a golf bag, you can place your phone on the cart for quick access. The military-grade casing gives you the luxury of a hands-free video recording of your game and added protection for your phone screen and camera. 

The Eagle 3 Magnetic Golf Case for iPhones 13 and 14 have a powerful 16-magnet MagSafe® Compatible magnet system that sticks your phone perfectly to your golf cart, golf bag, trolley or any magnetic surface. You only need to stick your phone into a vantage position on any of the surfaces to get easy access to view your GPS yardages or film your swings.

2. Arccos Caddie

A human caddie uses experience to support your game, while Arccos Caddie uses a whole lot of data to help you deliver the swings. The app works smoothly with Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors and Arcoss Caddies Smart Grips on your golf clubs to track your game on the course and send up-to-date information to your smartphone.

The fitted sensors and AI integration increase the accuracy of Arccos Caddie, making it a reliable companion for golfers of every category. The app takes in all the elements of the green from wind direction and speed to temperature, humidity, elevation, and altitude, to give you accurate GPS distances, and pro-in-game advice like a real caddie. It helps you to organize your game and gives you a layout of the home course with 3D course maps.

iPhone 14 Pro Max attached to a golf cart with ROKFORM Magnetic Phone Case

Having the app with the ROKFORM iPhone 14 Eagle Cases optimizes your in-game experience of the app and eases your post-game analyses. The case has 16 specially-designed magnets to hold your phone strongly to your cart, giving you the freedom to play your game. You can then come around to review your stats, like driving distances and strokes gained, while the app gives you suitable recommendations to perform better.

Having Eagle 3 cases on your phone doesn’t affect its other functionalities. The cases support wireless charging; you can charge through the ports, and you have easy access to your On, Off, and Volume buttons. Eagle 3 cases also have custom-made outlets for your phone speakers, to allow unmuffled sounds. With these features, Eagle 3 cases optimize your phone to give you the best golfing experience. 

3. Swing U

Among the great golf apps on Google Play Store, few give accurate yardages like Swing U GPS range finder. Trusted by six million people, Swing U is one of the best GPS golf apps online. The free version of the app gives you an intuitive user interface to keep your digital scorecard and spot-on distances to greens and hazards. Although the app uses GPS technology to measure distances, you can barely tell it apart from a laser range finder, due to its high accuracy.

It has a paid version that offers reliable wind speed and elevation, and other premium benefits of a digital caddie. The app tracks your performance and analyses your strokes gained after a complete round. The analysis points out your strengths and weaknesses.

ROKFORM G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker attached to a golf cart

Swing U videos provide personalized training and drills that you can follow along with a rugged speaker. The G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker is a wireless speaker that projects clear instructions for your drill. It is powered with a 24-hour battery to give you round-the-clock utility and has powerful magnets that keep it tightly to your golf cart.

The G-ROK speaker produces a 30-foot rendition of warm, clear, stereo sound with just the right amount of bass to soothe the intensity of the atmosphere of the golf course. It gives you an endless stream of high-quality sound delivered wirelessly or through your SD card. And with the speaker mounted safely on your cart or clipped to your golf bag, you won't have to worry about anyone clattering into it to interrupt your groove.

“The G-ROK is incredibly easy to use, with intuitive controls that allow you to adjust the volume, skip tracks, and pause or play music with just a few simple button presses.”—Troy Kibbee

ROKFORM G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker beside a golf ball and stick

4. TheGrint

TheGrint is one of the best golf GPS apps and offers the usual golf app features along with access to a bubbling community – something like a Facebook for golfers. It is also a scoreboard app with which you can post your scores, follow live scores, games, and more.

As if keeping up with your buddies is not enough, TheGrint also offers a free United States Golf Association- or USGA-compliant handicap that you can use in about 40,000 courses across the world. With the free handicap, you can quickly search and find a friend to play with.

The app is fun to use, such that you can banter as you play. You can set performance goals, track your handicap, and guide your putts with its GPS features. Like Golfshot, TheGrint gives you a Google Earth image-like view of the green and measures the distance to hazards across the course.

What's more? You can keep your iPhone safely in the ROKFORM Eagle 3 Magnetic Golf Case pressed to your cart while you play. The Eagle 3 Magnetic Golf Case for iPhones is prepared for the roughs of the course. It is sturdy and waterproof, to keep your phone secure while you golf with TheGrint community.

5. Hole 19

Hole19 gives the modern golfer a range of features to make their game easier. You can measure the yardage with its GPS range finder, keep your scores on the digital scoreboard, and track your progress with its golf statistics monitor. The free version has accurate data and graphics on 43,000 golf courses in more than 200 countries. The Hole19 GPS range finder allows you to measure shot lengths to the front, back, and center of the green.

With your phone mounted safely on your cart with sturdy Eagle 3 Magnetic cases for all iPhone 13 and 14 phone types, you can review targets and critical hazards on the course, and plan your game ahead. You can also search for suitable, nearby courses, and get club recommendations to improve your putting.

Man holding iPhone 14 with ROKFORM Eagle 3 Magnetic Golf Phone Case

An upgrade to the premium version of Hole 19 gives you a bird's eye view of the course with 3D flyovers and connects you with friends online for virtual tournaments. The paid version has up-to-date statistics and training for every level of user.

The app is downloadable online for iOS and Android devices. Apple users can sync Hole19 with their Apple Watch, while the smartphones can rest firmly on any of the ROKFORM Eagle 3 Magnetic Golf Cases to provide real-time data. The cases have enhanced camera and screen protection features that give you the full value of the app, without any risk to your iPhone or android phone.

6. GolfLogix

Do you want to play better golf and improve your scores? Try the GolfLogix GPS app. It will help you map the course, see the green, choose the right club, sink your putts, and land the winning score. Easy, right? It gets better.

GolfLogix free golf GPS range finder stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the best laser range finders you can think of. The difference is only a few yards, which won’t matter much when you use the app's Putt Breaks. The Putt Breaks gives you a special advantage through a panoramic of each hole, such that you can zoom in on your ball, stick your approach, and hit it like a pro. This component helps users to keep low scores.

You can enjoy these free features or move up to the pro version without any risks to your phone. ROKFORM iPhone 13 Magnetic Cases protect your phone screen and camera from dust, water, and pressure, and they are compatible with wireless charging, WiFi, and Bluetooth. They have a sleek design that gives your phone a classy look while offering maximum protection.

ROKFORM G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker beside man playing on a golf course

Beyond protection, Eagle 3 Magnetic Golf cases save you a lot of headaches. If you use mobile launch monitors with your smartphone, you will need to position your phone some feet behind the ball or get your buddy or a caddie to hold your phone. But with our custom-made magnetic cases, you don’t need to go through all that trouble. 

Eagle 3 Magnetic Golf cases simply stick your phone to your cart or trolley and gives you free hands to work on your swings. The powerful magnet system keeps your phone firm on a magnetic surface, whether you are on the move or on the course. Why not try it out today? 

Nevertheless, there is so much you can do with your hand. With the ROKFORM Eagle 3 iPhone case, you can mount your phone on your cart and drop by to check the rules on a need-to-use basis. The case has easy-to-press buttons and a light design that you can use whether you have a glove on or not.

7. MotoCaddy

MotoCaddy is a popular trolley company that delves into the world of GPS golf apps with the exciting MotoCaddy Golf app. For starters, the app is easy to use, and the free GPS functionality covers more than most of its competitors.

It provides the usual 3D course maps and yardages from the front, center, and back; as well as performance data, hazard information, and more. The MotoCaddy app has lifesaving, first aid instructions on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and an automated external defibrillator (AED). The AED and CPR features are available only to golfers in the UK and Ireland.

You can integrate the app with the G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker to provide, clear on-field instructions either during play or in emergencies. You can also attach your phone to your cart with the slim and light Eagle 3 Magnetic Cases, available for different versions of iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, so you can have free hands to swing or provide first aid.

G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker Infographic

8. Everyday Golf Coach

Lastly, a great app worth sharing for serious golfers is the Everyday Golf Coach app by Dr. Noel Rousseau. The app has basic features and affords golfers a great way to master the game.

It also features more than 30 HD videos to guide you through golf techniques and a Swing Analysis suite to optimize your practice. With pro tips and tricks for critical areas of the game, the Everyday Golf Coach is the perfect companion for every golfer looking to take their game to the next level.

2023 Best Golf Apps

There you have it, a highlight of the best golf apps in the business. From the versatile Golfshot to Dr. Noel Rousseau's Everyday Golf Coach, you have a range of exciting golf GPS apps to help you ace your game. Download your pick from the bunch and supercharge your experience with custom-made ROKFORM accessories like Eagle 3 Magnetic Golf cases and the G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker. Your golfing will never remain the same.

Table comparing the 8 best GPS golf apps

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best golf app?

The best golf app differs for everyone and depends on your specific needs.  Choose an app that has the features you are looking for and is easy to use. If you don’t know what you are looking for in the best GPS golf apps, you can use the ROKFORM checklist to help you choose from the range of high-quality golf apps available to you.

How do I download a GPS golf app?

You can download a GPS golf app to your smartphone through their app store. If you use an Android or a Samsung or an iOS device, visit Google Play, Samsung Galaxy Store, or Apple Store to download your preferred app.

Do I need WiFi to use a GPS golf app?

You will need a WiFi or cellular internet connection to download the best free golf GPS app from your device stores. Once the app is on your phone, you will also need WiFi to download data from the golf course you are going to play. With these two out of the way, you won't need WiFi to use the golf GPS app.

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