The Best Motorcycle Phone Mount: A Buyer’s Guide

The Best Motorcycle Phone Mount: A Buyer’s Guide

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Nowadays, we are more attached to our smartphones than ever and they even follow us on our motorcycle rides. And that’s a good thing— phones help out with navigation, playing music, and fielding calls while out on the road. To keep all this functionality at your fingertips, use a sturdy motorcycle phone holder!

ROKFORM offers premium motorcycle accessories designed for all types of motorcyclists, from the weekend warrior to the daily commuter. Popular accessories include four superb motorcycle phone mounts to match your specific model and a compatible ROKFORM case to protect your smartphone at all times. The strong magnets and the patented TwistLok retention system ensure your phone always stays put, even over rough roads and at high speeds.

Keep reading to find out which motorcycle mount from the ROKFORM collection suits your style and needs the best!

Benefits of Using a Motorcycle Phone Mount

There’s not just one good reason to invest in a motorcycle phone mount. Improve ease of use, keep your phone secure, and so much more!

  • Easy access to phone: 

    Say goodbye to fumbling around for your phone any time you want to check maps or snap a photo of the scenic route. Motorcycle gloves make it harder to open zipped bags or reach into pockets that store your device. Instead, keeping your phone securely mounted on your handlebars gives you quick access whenever you need it.

  • GPS navigation: 

    Motorcycles don’t have built-in navigation systems like cars do, so using your smartphone for GPS directions is one of the best ways to stick to your planned route. The compact footprint of the phone mount keeps the cockpit neat and uncluttered too.

  • Apps and more: 

    Easily control your music or take phone calls via Bluetooth while on the go. While stopped, riders can toggle through their relevant apps, maps, or remove the phone from its perch to use its camera.

The Four ROKFORM Motorcycle Phone Mounts

The ability to access your phone from a secure place and in a safe manner is important for a comfortable motorcycle ride. Now that the 2023 motorcycle riding season is in full swing, this is more true than ever. ROKFORM offers four distinct motorcycle phone mount options— check them out below and discover the best phone mount for you.

1. Pro Series Motorcycle Handlebar Phone Mount

The Pro Series Handlebar Mount is not only ROKFORM’s most popular motorcycle phone mount, but also its most versatile. That’s because it can be adjusted to fit different-sized handlebars and riders can also adjust the mobility of the mount in three different ways. Unlike some mounts that can only sit at one level on your handlebar, the Handlebar Motorcycle Phone Mount lets you adjust the rotation around the handlebar itself. You can also adjust the rotation on the mount from left to right (if you prefer a more angled perspective). Finally, you can easily adjust the angle of the arm of the mount to find the perfect riding angle for you.

Everything needed to install the mount is included in the box, including a wrench and new and improved spacers to ensure the perfect fit. With over 1,000 reviews on the ROKFORM site and an impressive rating of 4.98 out of 5 stars, you can’t go wrong with the Handlebar Mount.

It is available in two different colors—polished aluminum and anodized black—so you can easily match it to your bike’s finish. 

Best suited for: Harley, Indian, or Metric Cruisers, among many others!

Fit:  Fits any bar between 7/8” - 1-1/4” (22.2mm-31.75mm)

2. Pro Series Motorcycle Perch Phone Mount

The Pro Series Perch Mount is next in ROKFORM’s motorcycle lineup and can be installed on an array of different motorcycles. This mount comes in two different sizes, Standard and Metric. Standard Mount fits most Harley Davidson Motorcycles with 1.65 - 1.45" bolt spacing of the mounting bracket. The Metric Motorcycle Phone Mount fits most Metric and Indian Cruisers with 25mm-50mm bolt spacing. The Standard Mount is available in a black anodized finish and polished aluminum finish. The Metric Mount is available in black anodized finish.

Best suited for: Harley Davidson (Standard), Metric and Indian Cruisers (Metric).

Fit: 1.65” to 1.45" bolt spacing

“I’m loving the perch mount. It’s right where I need to adjust songs or answer a call without having to take my hands off the controls.”

Mark R. 08/12/2019

3. Pro Series Motorcycle Stem Mount

The Pro Series Stem Mount is specially designed for sportbikes and motorcycles with clip-on bars. The fork stem mount makes it super simple to install onto most center stems. Install onto your bike’s center stem in just minutes. One screw is all you need for installation; the tool is also included in the box. It is available in anodized black, which looks sleek on any bike finish. 

Best suited for: Sportbikes

Fit:  Fits most sportbike center stems 12 to 24 mm

4. Universal Ball Adapter Phone Mount

The Universal Ball Adapter Phone Mount (aka Ball Mount) is the perfect mounting solution for anyone who wants the security and magnet technology of ROKFORM, but already has a good quality socket arm installed on their bike. Use the new Ball Adapter Mount with an existing 1” RAM® socket arm for a secure hold and added magnet technology. 

Made with an aluminum body that keeps it lightweight and tough, this mount is as durable as any ROKFORM mount in the collection. The ball mount is TPU coated, making it non-slip while still easy to adjust so you can find the perfect viewing angle. The Ball Motorcycle Phone Mount features a black finish that will blend perfectly into your bike’s design. It is compatible with the 1” RAM mounts and available in anodized black, which looks sleek on any bike finish. 

Note: When you order the Ball Adapter Universal Mount, it does not include a socket arm or ROKFORM phone case. Those must be purchased separately.

Best suited for: Use with 1” RAM® Socket Mounts

Fit:  Fits any bar between 7/8” - 1-1/4” (22.2mm-31.75mm)

Compare ROKFORM Motorcycle Mounts

There are a few key details to remember to ensure that a certain mount will work on your motorcycle. To make things easier, here’s a comparison table below that lists the essential differences between each mount:

ROKFORM motorcycle phone mount comparison chart

How and Where To Put a Phone Mount on Your Motorcycle

A motorcycle phone mount is almost always positioned on or near your bike’s handlebars. This is a good place for a mobile phone because it's both within view and well within reach of the rider. As described above, certain mounts are designed for different motorcycles, so it’ll depend on the model you ride.

Each ROKFORM motorcycle phone mount comes with an included tool to attach the accessory, making installation a breeze. Riders also have a wide range of customizability thanks to the mount’s adjustable aluminum body. Set the accessory mount to whichever angle works best and you’ll have a clear view of your device at all times.

Vibration Dampening Motorcycle Phone Mount

Another important consideration of a motorcycle phone mount is vibration dampening. Engine vibrations or road bumpiness can travel up through the bike to your phone, placing additional stress on its parts or making the screen difficult to read. Depending on your motorcycle and where you ride, this may not be the case, but many motorists have reported having this problem with conventional mounts.

To solve this issue, the ROKFORM Motorcycle Mount Vibration Damper takes the sting out of your ride and significantly reduces vibrations. This compact dampener minimizes the force and speed of the vibrations produced by your motorcycle to help protect your phone's internal components. This product retrofits onto any ROKFORM motorcycle phone mount and works with any ROKFORM compatible case.

Motorcycle Safety Month: May 2023

It’s May again and you know what that means… Motorcycle Safety Awareness month! By now, April showers are out of the way and motorcyclists are hitting the road to enjoy the sunnier, warmer weather.

ROKFORM Handlebar Phone Mount on Ducati Scrambler with Frame Bags

Each year this month launches campaigns led by the US Department of Transportation and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to improve motorcycle safety. The four main campaigns are listed below:

  • Motorist Awareness of Motorcycles: promoting education for drivers about standard motorcycle riding behaviors and how to drive safely next to motorcyclists.
  • Ride Sober or Get Pulled Over: working to prevent impaired or under-the-influence  riding.
  • Rider Safety: awareness of the additional ways that motorcyclists can increase their own safety while riding.
  • Share the Road: campaign to make the roads and its surrounding infrastructure a shared space that’s safe for all users, including motorcyclists, drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Motorcycle Mounts That Go Above and Beyond

A ROKFORM motorcycle phone mount for iPhone 15 is built to go beyond simply protecting your device. They are made with the highest quality materials, including CNC machined 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, which is ultra-lightweight and extremely durable. The adjustability lets every rider find the perfect viewing angle.

ROKFORM’s sturdy mounts feature a dual-retention mounting system that uses magnetic technology and RokLock, our signature 4-point twist and lock system, for the most secure solution on the market. The Detachable Lanyard is included in the box for another layer of protection

Over the years, ROKFORM has heard many stories from customers letting us know just how durable and protective our motorcycle mounts have been. Here are some of our favorite true tales, which we’ve featured in our Survival Series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a ROKFORM motorcycle mount with a non-ROKFORM phone case?

While it’s easiest to use a ROKFORM motorcycle phone mount and case together, riders can use the Universal Adapter to make any phone case compatible with ROKFORM mount. The affordable adapter adheres onto the back of the case and features a strong magnet and RokLock twist retention system for a secure connection.

Which phone mount works with a Harley Davidson?

Both the Pro Series Handlebar Mount and Perch Mount are compatible with Harley Davidson motorcycles. The Handlebar Mount attaches around the handlebar while the Perch Mount screws directly into the mounting bracket near the grips. Each fully adjustable mount is built from aircraft-grade aluminum.

Can road vibrations damage a phone’s camera?

Some motorcycle riders report that their mobile devices’ performance is affected by the heavy vibrations on the road. While it’s true that modern Apple and Android phones are the toughest they’ve ever been, users can reduce the vibrations their phone is exposed to with ROKFORM’s Motorcycle Mount Dampener. This compact accessory minimizes the forces on your phone’s internal components and can prevent a shaky screen while riding. It's also important to choose a rugged iPhone 15 case to protect your latest investment. 

ROKFORM motorcycle phone mount vibration dampener infographic

ROKFORM: The Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts and Accessories

ROKFORM delivers the best mounts and favorite magnetic phone cases for dedicated motorcyclists. The products’ heavy-duty construction and secure mounting hardware ensure that your device stays right where you need it while you ride. Celebrate Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month by outfitting your bike with a brand-new functional accessory!

Have questions about choosing the best motorcycle phone mount? We are available for online chat or in-person at our Irvine, California showroom. Call us toll-free at 855-765-3676, or email us at, or visit us at


simon martin

simon martin

I enjoyed it a lot thanks.

Wow, very interesting

I enjoyed it a lot thanks.

Wow, very interesting
Jose menjivar

Jose menjivar

Phone holder is perfect I love it I spent so much money on other phones holder so far Rokform has been the best so far. Thank you.

Phone holder is perfect I love it I spent so much money on other phones holder so far Rokform has been the best so far. Thank you.



Hi Basit,
Thank you for posting your question on our blog. Please contact customer support to discuss the best motorcycle mount for your motorcycle. They can be reached at 1-855-765-3676. Have a great weekend!

Hi Basit,
Thank you for posting your question on our blog. Please contact customer support to discuss the best motorcycle mount for your motorcycle. They can be reached at 1-855-765-3676. Have a great weekend!

Basit Naeem

Basit Naeem

I have Ducati Evo 848 and I was wondering which mount can fit on my bike. Please look up the bike and detail of the handle.

Thank you

I have Ducati Evo 848 and I was wondering which mount can fit on my bike. Please look up the bike and detail of the handle.

Thank you

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