Survival Series: cell phone tower drop

Survival Series: cell phone tower drop

Zoe was 75 feet up on a cell phone tower when her phone fell out of her pocket.
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A recent survey conducted by Statista found that phones falling from pockets was one of the leading causes of smartphone damage. In fact, phones falling from pockets was second behind only phones being dropped on the ground. For most people, the fall from pocket to ground ranges between three and four feet. But what about those pocket falls that occur when you’re higher up? That’s exactly what happened in today’s Survival Series story sent to us from Zoe, a cell phone technician from California. 


The Survival Story

Hello Rokform customer service people. I work as a cell tower technician here in California. I purchased your iPhone case because of the magnet. I can place it on the tower and have it stay while I answer calls from the ground or listen to music. It’s great. Yesterday, my worst fear happened. I dropped my phone. It fell out of my pocket. It fell 75ft. It bounced off a steel grating and then into the dirt. As I yelled “headache” (what you yell when you drop something unexpectedly off tower) my stomach sank. Phones aren’t cheap. My coworkers picked it up. Inspected it. And it was fine. Totally unscathed. Holy sh** y’all. Your case is amazing. Thank you so so much! I love your product. I have included the “damage” and a photo of where I dropped my phone from. Hope everything is good with you and yours. Best, Zoe

Cell phone tower

The red arrow shows the height at which the cell phone fell


Survival series case damage

A photo of Zoe's case after the fall


The Rokform gear the survived

Rugged Case

Rokform Rugged Case

It’s our go-to case for the adventurer, the craftsman, the athlete, and everyone in between. It has survived high speeds and intense heat and with Zoe’s story, even drops from 75 feet.

  • Shockproof, dual compound case - polycarbonate outer shell and impact-resistant core
  • Exceeds military drop-test standards (MIL-STD 8015-516.6)
  • Magnetic technology for innovative mounting
  • Compatible with RokLock twist lock system

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