Survival Series: forgotten at the gas pump

Survival Series: forgotten at the gas pump

As this survival story points out, your odds of keeping your phone are increased with a Rokform case on.
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Every day, tons of people around the country step out of their cars to pump gas and rest their smartphones on top of their cars while they pump gas at the station. Unfortunately, not all smartphones make it back into the car. As this survival story points out, your odds of keeping your phone are increased with a Rokform case on.


The iPhone XR Survival Story

“On vacation, stopped to pump gas off the highway, and got back on. 15 miles down the road I realized my phone wasn't with me. Asked my wife to call ring tone. 85 miles an hour for another 10 miles, finally come to an exit and turn around...25 miles booking back 85 mph+, meantime my wife figures out the gas station and calls them; they look at the pump and can't find it. I am FREAKING OUT! Ten minutes later I finally pull into the gas station and I go to look around the sign of wife dials again and we hear my ring (My Old School by Steely Dan). I look over and there it is, STUCK TO THE ROOF OF MY CAR!! I might be an idiot, but I sure was smart to buy this case!



The iPhone XR case that survived

Out of all the Rokform cases, it's difficult to believe that this survivor case is the slimmest case of our lineup! The Crystal Case gives your iPhone XR with all the protection you expect out of a Rokform case while maintaining a slim, lightweight design. In addition to effortlessly slipping into and out of your pocket, your Crystal Case will grip any magnetic surface.

The carbon fiber-etched backing keeps your case looking clean while providing additional protection from scratches and drops. 

Buy Crystal Case for iPhone XR


Crystal Gallery

Crystal Case Rokform 1

Rokform Crystal case 1

Rokform Crystal case 2

Rokform Crystal case 3



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