Survival Series: Places where Rokfans have left their phones

Survival Series: Places where Rokfans have left their phones

We're highlighting the places where Rokfans have left their phones.
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If you’ve been following our Survival Series, you know that each post typically highlights one particular survival story. Today we’re doing it a bit differently - we're shining the light on all commenters who responded to a question we posted on Instagram. In it, we asked our followers, “Anyone else ever wondered where you left your phone? We get these stories all the time and would love to hear yours!”

These are the hilarious and amazing stories we received.




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Story time: One time while I was pumping I placed my phone on the side of my car 🚙 while taking a call on speaker once the call finish I kept pumping gas and then I got in my car. I drove off and heard something I thought it was the junk in my trunk. Minutes later I realize I was with no phone. I tracked it down someone had picked it up and thankfully I was able to get it back. Love Rokform they’re magnets are reliable. Mine fell because I left it misplaced and used my phone while pumping gas. Just want to share I have a Rokform case since I have had an iPhone 6.

- jarivas80


Use to work for an insulation company and had my phone in my pocket, Went to get it an lost my grip, Took about a 20’ fall off the roof. Thought it was destroyed but thank god for Rokform, No better case out there.

- fckndan_ 


I left mine on my work locker door, spent hours looking for it.. lol



I work for Deere, left my phone on the underside of a tractor. Stuck to the transmission after working on it…. Luckily a coworker drove the tractor later on and found it laying on the lot haha

- danick0


I have literally done this before on a family vacation in Florida back in 2016.. and we were driving for over an hour… It is not a good feeling at all lol but I found it and still use your products to this day!

- koehnc.2014


I’ve done this more times than I’d like to admit….

- waterfowler_41


I find random magnets on the back of my speaker….no clue where they came from 😂

- tiffinimathews 



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Has one of your Rokform products survived a big drop, high speeds, extreme weather conditions, or something else? Share your Rokform survival story with us at or leave a comment below! And don't forget to send us a photo if you have one.



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