Survival Series: Hanging on the ball of a crane

Survival Series: Hanging on the ball of a crane

Read all about a professional arborist's Rokform case survival story.
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What’s so good about having a magnetic case? We have written about unique ways to use your magnetic case and we could list out the benefits of magnet technology but the truth is, the best way to know is to experience it yourself. If you don’t have a Rokform case yet, the next best alternative is to read some of our product survival stories. 

Our Rokform Survival Series highlights amazing customer stories about situations where phones were saved from sure destruction thanks to a Rokform product. In today's survival story, a professional arborist shares his survival story.


The survival story

I messaged you to say THANK YOU! I used the back magnet on the back of my iPhone to “temporarily” hold my phone on the ball of the crane while I was talking to a customer…

Then I completely forgot to grab my phone.

Long story short my phone made it down two miles of bumpy road on the ball of a crane just ON THE MAGNET!!! It’s not even a flat metal surface it’s a ball!! lol

Thank you guys!

Timbertech Tree Co. (owner) 


The Rokform gear

Both Rokform smartphone cases come with the magnetic technology referenced in this survival story. In fact, our Rugged and Crystal case also include a magnetic Roklock plug which effectively doubles the magnet strength of the phone case. 

In case an accidental drop did happen, our shockproof cases both exceed military drop test standards and can be dropped from up to six feet. 

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Share your Rokfom survival story

Has one of your Rokform products survived a big drop, high speeds, extreme weather conditions, or something else? Share your Rokform survival story with us at or leave a comment below! And don't forget to send us a photo if you have one.

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