Survival Series: Skydive fall from 9000+ feet off the ground

Survival Series: Skydive fall from 9000+ feet off the ground

In today's survival story, Rokfan Daniel writes all the way from Europe to share his incredible story that started above 9000 feet off the ground.

Customers have been sending us some killer survival stories lately and we’re so excited to share this one with you. If you haven’t read one before, our Rokform Survival Series highlights a story shared with us by a Rokform customer about a situation that could have gone wrong, but was saved thanks to a Rokform product. In today's survival story, Rokfan Daniel writes all the way from Europe to share his incredible story.


The Survival story

So [when] I went skydiving this week my phone fell out of my pocket at roughly 2750 meters (9022 feet) but my phone [was in one of your cases. Immediately I figured that was it and there was no way I was going to find it and, if I did, there would be no way it was still in one piece. Little luck and your case prevented that from happening. Impressive!

Daniel, Germany


Rokform Skydiving Survival Story3

Rokform Skydiving Survival Story2

Rokform Skydiving Survival Story


An almost unbelievable story backed by photographic evidence of the fall 🤯. We cannot believe he left his phone in his pocket, then found his phone 2750 meters later, and that upon finding it it was intact! Huge thanks for sharing the story, Daniel.


The Rokform gear

Thanks to the photos Daniel sent in when he shared his story, we can see that his iPhone is rocking a Rokform Rugged case. Our strongest and most protective case, the Rugged absorbs shocks and drops up to 4x more than other cases, thanks to reinforced corners. With 6-sided, 360-degree protection, you won’t have to worry about shocks and drops.

In case an accidental drop did happen, our shockproof cases both exceed military drop test standards and can be dropped from up to six feet. As you might have realized after reading Daniel’s story, in the right conditions the Rugged can handle much larger drops than that. :) 

Shop Rokform Rugged cases


We also thought we’d give a shoutout to a couple of Rokform accessories that could come in handy if you’re not sure your pocket is up to the task. The Sport Utility Belt Clip is fitted with a stainless steel spring clip that can be attached to belts and lots of others things. The Detachable Lanyard is another accessory that Daniel might’ve found useful. Use it to attach to whatever, including your belt loop, wrist, etc. for extra protection.


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