The Best Car Phone Mounts by Make and Model

by Krista A. November 05, 2019

The Best Car Phone Mounts by Make and Model

Dive into this article to find the best phone mount for some of the most popular sedans on the market today, according to make and model. 

Do you own a sedan? If so, you might’ve felt a little left out when we released the Best Phone Mount for your SUV post two months ago. Great news - we’ve just put together our list of the best phone mount to use for some of the most popular cars in 2019. 

Note: This list is not exhaustive! We will continue updating this list as more information becomes available but if you have any phone mount recommendations for sedans, please let us know in the comments section below!


The elements of successful phone mounting in your car

So, you’ve finally realized you’ve been missing out on safe, hands-free, phone-accessible driving. It’s never too late to get in on the fun. What do you need to get started?

  1. Rokform car phone mount - more details below!
  2. Magnetic Rokform case - more details below!
  3. Smartphone - preferably an iPhone or Samsung
  4. Car 😀 - we've compiled a list with quite a few car makes and models, but there are so many that aren't included here. If your car isn't on the list, chances are we just don't have a photo for it yet. If you're still unsure of which car mount to get, we recommend the Vent Mount. We found the Vent Mount to be the best mount for most sedans on this list. 


The Car Phone Mounts

Rokform Swivel Car Mount

swivel dash mount

The Swivel Mount installs onto any car dash with powerful 3M VHB adhesive and can be easily adjusted to find the best viewing angle.


Swivel Mount Features:

  • Perfect viewing angle – 360-degree rotation on aircraft aluminum swivel
  • Small size, powerful hold – Less than 1” wide
  • Super grip with easy install – 3M VHB adhesive is residue-free
  • High quality materials – made with CNC-machined aircraft grade aluminum and 3M VHB adhesive


Price: $29.99 

Order Swivel Phone Mount


Rokform Vent Phone Mount

vent mount

Finding an open and accessible spot on your dashboard can be more difficult than you think. If that's the case for your car, look no further than the Vent Mount. The Vent Mount easily installs onto most air vents for a secure hold.

Vent Mount Features:

  • Mounts onto your car air conditioning vent
  • Small size, powerful hold – Less than 1” wide with 15 lb. pull for the ultimate grip
  • Universal system – A thin steel plate is included for use with any phone case
  • Super grip – Vent clip is made from Super Grip TPE that won’t slip


Price: $19.99

Buy Vent Mount


Rokform Low Pro Dash Phone Mount

low pro dash mount

The beauty of the Low Pro mount is its versatility. Since it is less than an inch wide, you are sure to find multiple spots inside your car where you can mount your phone.

Low Pro Mount Features:

  • Small size, powerful hold – Less than 1” wide with 15 lb. Pull for the ultimate grip
  • Super grip with easy install – 3M adhesive backing mounts to any flat surface
  • Unobstructed view – Small size for the perfect fit on your dash


Price: $19.99

Buy Low Pro Dash Mount


Phone mount for BMW 330i M Sport

bmw 330i m sport 1

bmw 330i m sport 2

bmw 330i m sport 3

Vent Mount

If you have a BMW 300 series, the Vent Mount is the perfect phone mount for you. As seen in photos above of the BMW 330i M Sport, the BMW 300 series features wide center air vents that are perfect for the Rokform Vent Mount. For maximum air flow, your phone is best viewed in portrait, although the mount will also work in landscape.


Phone mount for BMW M4 

bmw m4 1

bmw m4 2

bmw m4 3

Vent Mount

Use the Vent Mount to mount your phone inside of your M4! Just like the BMW 330i, BMW’s M4 has wide center air vents. We’d encourage you to stick to the Vent Mount (over the Swivel or Low Pro) because there isn’t a ton of open space on this sleek dashboard.


Phone mount for Chevy Malibu 

chevy malibu 1

chevy malibu 2

chevy malibu 3

Low Pro Mount

The latest Chevy Malibu models place Chevy’s MyLink infotainment system in the center of the car’s dash. The space on the sides of the infotainment screen are perfect for the Low Pro Mount. There’s enough space on both sides that you can even install a mount on each side. Just check out the photos above for a glimpse of the perfect hands-free setup in your Malibu.  


Phone mount for Dodge Challenger 

dodge challenger 1

dodge challenger 2

dodge challenger 3

Vent Mount

The Dodge Challenger has long air vents that work great with the Vent Mount. Pro tip: install the mount on the top air vent slat for the strongest hold!

Alternatively, open space around the center air vents and navigation system make the Low Pro Mount is also a good option for Challenger owners.


Phone mount for Dodge Dart

dodge dart 1

dodge dart 2

dodge dart 3

Vent Mount

If we didn’t know better, we’d say the Dodge Dart’s dashboard was designed with all of the Rokform phone mounts in mind! With air vents that are both long and wide, open space between its features, and a smooth, unobstructed dash, the Dodge Dart really has the perfect interior for secure phone mounting.

Pictured above is a 2018 Dodge Dart with a Vent Mount. The huge vents make it easy to mount your phone in both portrait and landscape.


Phone mount for Hyundai Elantra 

hyundai elantra 1

hyundai elantra 2

hyundai elantra 3

Vent Mount

If you have a new Hyundai Elantra, we recommend purchasing the Vent Mount. It installs onto the vent slats easily for safe, hands-free phone access without having your air vents blocked off. Our recommendation is to place your mount on one of the top slats.


Phone mount for Mercedes CLA 250 

mercedes cla 1

mercedes cla 2

mercedes cla 3

Compared to the rest of the sedans we’ve been featuring, the Mercedes CLA 250 has one of the most unique dashboards out there. Luckily, its cool dashboard is also super Rokform-mount-friendly. Use the Vent Mount for quick and secure mounting. There’s lots of open space on the CLA dash, making the Low Pro mount a great alternative car phone mount.


Phone mount for Mercedes E350 

mercedes e350 1

mercedes e350 2

mercedes e350 3

If you own a Mercedes E350, we recommend using the Vent Mount. The larger air vents give you flexibility when installing your phone mount. The top of the dashboard is flat and smooth, making the Swivel Mount a good secondary option for mounting.


Phone mount for Tesla Model S

tesla model s 1

tesla model s 2

tesla model s 3

We are big fans of the Swivel Mount inside of the Tesla Model S. The Low Pro Mount is another phone mounting option that’s easy to install on the Model S. However, the Low Pro lacks the adjustability that is built into the Swivel Mount.

There’s also plenty of space next to the touchscreen display system for doubling up with a Rokform mount for both the driver and the passenger.


Phone mount for Toyota Camry 

toyota camry 1

toyota camry 2

toyota camry 3

The new Toyota Camry’s air vents are on the shorter side, but because they are super wide, they are still great for the Vent Mount. Secure your phone in portrait or landscape mode and enjoy the ride!


The magnetic Rokform cases that’ll mount your phone


 rugged rokform case

For the optimal use of the mounts above, picking up a Rokform case is essential. The Rugged case (pictured above) is not only the most popular case, it's also the toughest. The built-in magnet will grip to all Rokform mounts we've featured. The Rugged is also handy for tons of other daily uses.

Price: $39.99+

Shop Rokform Rugged Phone Cases



rokform crystal series

The Crystal Series is built for people who are always on the move, packaging superior protection into a slim, multi-functional design. The case is made with the top-quality materials including the high-impact polycarbonate shell and TPU border, which provide 360 degrees of shockproof protection.

Beyond protection, Crystal cases exemplify meticulous design. With precise cut outs for your iPhone’s camera, buttons and ports, there’s no need to worry about hard-to-press buttons or dirt getting between your case and phone.

Price: $39.99

Shop Rokform Crystal Cases


Fuzion Pro

fuzion pro  rokform case

Another great option is the Fuzion Pro case. Fuzion Pro is fused from the finest materials, including CNC-machined aircraft grade aluminium and carbon fiber, plus high quality TPU and tough polycarbonate. The TPU provides shock protection around the entire case, protecting your phone from the most common points of impact. Raised edges offer protection for your screen while the anti-slip grip prevents your case from getting scratched.

Price: $69.99
Shop Rokform Fuzion Pro Cases


Why choose Rokform car mounts

Since 2011, Rokform has pioneered the use of magnetic mounts for safe and reliable mounting for iPhones, Samsung smartphones, and more. The magnets that are used to secure your phone case to Rokform car mounts are made from strong neodymium magnets and guaranteed safe.

All Rokform products are backed by a two-year warranty and award-winning customer service.


Do you have your Rokform mount mounted on a car we didn’t feature or in a different spot? Take a photo of your interior set up and share it with us! Include your car’s make, model and year so we can share it with others.

Krista A.
Krista A.


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