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The Ultimate Guide to Simple New Year's Resolutions

The month of December marks the end of the calendar and signals an upcoming fresh start, encouraging New Year’s resolutions and healthy lifestyle changes. During this time of year, we are bombarded with reminders of self-improvement and goal-setting for the future, which can overwhelm the little things that make the most difference. Take small steps towards your goals and reduce the possibility of falling off the wagon by starting with these simple New Year’s resolutions!

Understanding New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions have the unfortunate reputation of being unattainable or quickly abandoned after only a few weeks, but that doesn’t stop people from aiming to make a positive change in their routine. It’s important to understand that following through on your promise involves choosing an achievable goal and getting very specific on your plan of action.

Overcoming Common Resolution Challenges

The two main enemies of reaching a New Year’s resolution are vague goals and not having a plan to achieve them. This ambition-impeding pair of challenges go hand in hand, so steering clear of these pitfalls will greatly increase your chances of success. “Being healthier” is a fine goal for next year, but it doesn’t narrow down your actual objectives— for example, reflect on whether the focus is on weight loss, healthy foods, or regular exercise.

Specify your resolution as much as possible which allows you to break the resolution down into mini-goals with individual benchmarks and milestones. This way, you can monitor your progress and stay motivated beyond just the first few weeks of the year and incorporate the small changes into your daily routine.

resolution challenges

Identifying Personal Obstacles

There is a whole host of common resolutions but it’s important to adapt these goals to your own situation. Consider the personal obstacles that will make achieving the goal difficult— scheduling, money, habits, etc.— and you’ll be more prepared for any roadblocks along the way. Maybe you’ve had the same resolution before but couldn’t achieve it; set yourself up for success by recognizing the hurdles that stand in the way.

The Top 7 Most Popular New Year's Resolutions

The most common simple new year's resolutions shouldn’t come as a surprise— most of us have shared at least one of these goals at some point. These popular New Year’s resolution ideas are a great place to start, but your chances of success improve when you make them more specific.

Check out the top 7 resolution examples below to make 2024 the best year yet!

  1. Exercise more
  2. Lose weight
  3. Get adequate hours of sleep
  4. Learn a new skill or new hobby
  5. Improve mental and physical health
  6. Spend less money, save more
  7. Spend more time with family and friends

Customizing Popular Resolutions to Fit Your Lifestyle

Most New Year resolution ideas need to be more specific to function as a truly useful goal. Customizing generic resolutions to fit your lifestyle is an excellent way to boost your chances of meeting the goal. One top tip is to make meaningful resolutions that align with your own values and personality. For example, if you want to learn a musical instrument, but struggle with self-motivation, try booking lessons with a private teacher for some additional accountability.

Tailoring Resolutions for Busy Individuals

Lack of time is a common reason behind falling short of New Year goals, but you don’t have to let busyness get between you and your resolution! The best way is to break down the goal into smaller time chunks that fit into your jam-packed schedule. Studies have shown that people with the goal of volunteering more often successfully stuck with their goal when committing just 4 hours a week rather than 200 hours per year.

For the movers and shakers out there with fully booked schedules, try to build in time for your goals each week. Just 30 minutes of daily practice of a new skill or physical activity is a huge accomplishment that quickly racks up throughout the year.

new years resolution time management

Quick Tips to Stick to Your New Year Goals

The most worthwhile goals with long-term payoffs will require progress monitoring throughout the year. The best New Year resolution isn’t just a one-and-done achievement, and tracking the progress of a specific goal adds that much-needed accountability.

Tracking Progress and Adapting Goals

For people wanting to improve their physical health during the upcoming year, for example, keep tabs on your progress by periodic weigh-ins, fitness tests, or other milestones. Adapt the goal to be more relevant to what you’re after. Don’t expect miracles to happen overnight or you may lose motivation before you start to see results. For example, research appropriate diet plans or exercise routines that match your starting point and provide useful structure. Feel free to reach out to a personal trainer for expert advice on resolutions based on physical health!

Using Tech Tools for Resolution Tracking

Leveraging tech tools and helpful apps can bridge the gap between simply having your New Year resolution idea and actually forming new healthy habits. Some people make the pledge to use less technology and social media in the new year, but the recommended tools below can facilitate reaching your goals:

  • Phone lock screen reminder
  • Fitness smartwatch
  • Exercise tracker app
  • Google Calendar
  • Note-taking apps

Cycling Fitness Apps and Accessories

For the avid cyclists out there— and the ones looking to pedal more this year— there are data-rich cycling apps to help you reach your fitness goals. Two of the most popular cycling apps are Strava and Kamoot which allow users to discover new routes, track their rides, and share fitness achievements with friends. They create a fun, user-friendly platform to stay organized and motivated as you chase cycling-oriented goals in the New Year.

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Health and Wellness Resolutions

Start off the New Year right with the motivation to improve your health and general well-being.  Goals related to wellness can easily combine with other resolutions to amplify your achievements throughout the year— when you’re healthy, you’re capable of so much more!

Integrating Wellness Resolutions into Your Daily Routine

Now’s the perfect time to incorporate a few health-boosting changes into your daily routine! Common achievable New Year’s resolution examples for many people this year will revolve around health and wellness— as mentioned before, it’s even better when these goals are adapted to your own values and schedule.

Simple Daily Exercises for Everyone

The key to reaching your fitness goals lies in consistency. Completing just 30 minutes or one hour of simple exercises daily will quickly establish a fitness foundation, serving as a springboard to achieve additional physical health milestones throughout the year.

People can do the following exercises even while watching TV or listening to a podcast so they can fit in some physical activity every day:

Simple Daily Exercises


Part of Body Worked

Lunges Upper legs and glutes
Squats Legs, abs, and lower back
Planks Core, back, and shoulders
Push-ups Triceps, chest, core, and shoulders
Pull-ups Biceps, triceps, shoulders, forearms, and core
health and wellness resolutions

Tee Off in the New Year

Playing golf is a great way to stay active and enjoy more time in the outdoors. This low-impact sport combines spending time with friends with exercise, meaning you can work toward more than one New Year’s resolution at the same time! To prepare yourself for the next outing on the green, check out ROKFORM’s unique products designed specifically for use on the golf course.

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Financial Well-Being Resolutions

Other popular New Year resolution ideas have to do with money and financial responsibility. Everyone would love to have a bit more money this upcoming year, especially after buying so many gifts for friends and family this holiday season! Pick up some financial tips for the New Year below.

Avoiding Financial Pitfalls in the New Year

Much of money management centers around kicking bad habits and creating a plan you can execute consistently, whether it's spending on the small things each day or large expenditures throughout the year.

After traveling to see family and ringing in the New Year, bank accounts often take a hit during the holidays but it’s also a good moment to reset. Avoid splurging on spending too much money to meet your new goals— most resolutions require willpower rather than dollars! If you do want to join a gym or buy that instrument you’ve always wanted to learn, look for deals or ways to start a trial period as you figure out what routine works best for you.

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Creating a Budget That Works for You

Stay on track with your financial goals by using a budget and sticking with it in the New Year. Be realistic about what you can achieve while still being ambitious. Consider everything you spend money on— even down to that daily coffee— in order to reflect on where your money goes each week or month.

Maybe one of your New Year resolution examples is lowering weekly spending. We’re not saying to cut out that cup of joe, but taking everything into account lets you reflect on what’s worth it and create a budget that’s tailor-made for you. Sit down and grab some paper and a pen (or create an Excel spreadsheet) and make a financial plan to ring in the New Year.

financial new years resolutions

Digital Detox and Mindful Tech Use

Technology is all around us these days and digital oversaturation can get in the way of reaching our goals. Take the the opportunity to enjoy a digital detox or occasional break from so much tech, whether that’s mobile phones, computers, or television. You’ll likely notice a whole host of surprising benefits!

The Benefits of Unplugging for Mental Health and Productivity

Taking a break from screens and social media can lead to significant health benefits, including reduced stress, better sleep, and higher productivity. During a “digital detox”, many people report increased time for mindfulness practices and personal relationships. Unplugging from technology isn’t quite as easy as simply pulling the plug on our mobile phones or computers, but is an important step for mental health and a well-balanced routine.

digital detox new years resolution

Setting Boundaries with Social Media

Having an unhealthy relationship with social media gets in the way of reaching our mental health goals. Whether you spend too much time on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok or get anxious seeing so many picture-perfect posts on your feed, taking a break from social media is always a good idea.

Some ways to set up boundaries with social media include:

  • Setting a screen time limit for selected apps
  • De-installing social media apps
  • Removing notifications for social media
  • “Unplugging” for at least one day a week

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some simple New Year's resolutions?

Some of the simplest New Year’s resolutions include going to the gym more often or saving money. Instead, consider more specific and creative goals for the upcoming year such as learning a new hobby, playing a sport, or volunteering with a local charity!

What are some healthy New Year's resolutions?

Some New Year’s resolution ideas that can boost your mental and physical health include eating well, exercising more often, starting daily mindfulness practices, and taking a break from social media.

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