8 Tips For Cool And Safe Motorcycling This Summer

8 Tips For Cool And Safe Motorcycling This Summer

When temperatures start to rise, staying comfortable on the motorcycle becomes a challenge. Whether you’re riding in the dry heat of the Southwest or humidity of the Southeast, summertime makes keeping cool while covered up no easy task. 

Rather than going helmet-free or shirtless to cool off, throw on some riding gear that’s made to cool you down while keeping you safe. To help you find ways to stay cool on the bike, we’ve put together a list of 8 tips for cool and safe motorcycling this summer. Read on so you can ride safely without breaking a sweat.

Stay Covered Yet Cool In A Mesh Riding Jacket

Icon Hooligan Jacket

Maximizing how visible you are to other people on the road is essential when riding a motorcycle. This hi-vis yellow mesh riding jacket from Icon can’t be missed, with massive sections of hi-vis yellow paneling.

Dainese Air Flux D1 Jacket

When you’re seeking a more understated style for staying cool, the sleek and handsome Dainese Air Flux D1 Jacket delivers. With minimal branding, form-fitting styling, and a solid-black shell, this jacket from Dainese feels as good as it looks.

Maintain Cooler Core Temps With A Cooling Vest

Rukka M-Clima Vest

Get maximum comfort flexibility no matter the weather with this power-ventilated vest from Rukka. While the price may be shocking at first, having two hours of battery-powered cooling or heating whether on or off the bike may prove a worthwhile addition to your riding gear.

Fly Racing Street Cooling Vest

If you’re seeking a cooling vest that’s highly effective yet budget-friendly, this cooling vest from Fly Racing fits the bill. Just soak the vest in ice-cold water before your ride and enjoy hours of frigid airflow to keep your core comfortably cool all summer long.

Adorn Yourself In Body Armor That Breathes

Spidi Airtech Armor Jacket

When you want armor options that are more modular than a regular jacket, this armor jacket by Spidi handles your demands with ease. Featuring removable armor throughout, this is one of the most breathable forms of impact protection available for motorcyclists.

Alpinestars Bionic Action Jacket

If an all-in-one solution for padded safety and breathability is what you’d prefer, Alpinestars has your number. Their Bionic Action Jacket serves up padded armor all over with mesh keeping them all placed perfectly for superior safety in the summertime.

Slip On Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Alpinestars SMX-1 Air v2 Gloves

Keeping your hands cool is one of the best ways to maintain lower body temperatures when motorcycling in the summer heat. These summer gloves from Alpinestars provide ample ventilation with mesh panels while still offering solid hand protection.

Klim Induction Gloves

For adventure riding through the desert, it’s hard to beat the lineup of summer motorcycling gear that Klim makes, and these gloves are no exception. The back of the hand features mesh for ventilation, while perforated goat leather provides excellent abrasion resistance on the palms. Impact protection is achieved with Poron XRD for the knuckles and palms that still afford flexibility and comfort.

Slide Into An Ultra-Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei GT-Air II Helmet

One of the fastest ways to safely cool down on a motorcycle is wearing a helmet with plenty of air intake for maximum ventilation. Aside from being one of the most comfortable and safe helmet brands on the market, Shoei created the GT-Air II Helmet with cooling as the main mission. This premium helmet from Shoei is perfect for summer riding, featuring a massive center air intake above the visor and exit ports in the back.

Wear A Hydration Pack Filled With Icewater

Beyond making it easy to stay hydrated while riding, wearing a hydration pack in the summertime on the motorcycle can provide ample cooling for a hot back. While most packs feature some degree of insulation for the hydration bladder inside, filling the bladder with plenty of ice can still create a cooling effect for your core.

The OGIO Dakar 3L Hydration Pack is a 100-ounce capacity hydration backpack geared towards more aggressive riding styles and aerodynamics. The shoulder strap harness system keeps everything in place no matter how hard you’re carving the canyon.

If you’d prefer to keep your back totally exposed for max airflow, you can still hydrate in the heat with the USWE Zulo 2 Hydration Bladder Waistpack. Carry one liter of water and some snacks with this efficient hydration waist pack that comes in either hi-vis yellow or black.

Keep Your Neck Covered And Cooled

Aside from protecting your neck from sunburns on long rides in the summer sun, a cooling neck gaiter helps regulate the temperature of blood flowing to your head. Simply soak this Klim Tek Sok Neck Gaiter in ice-cold water to create a cooling effect for miles.

If stylish comfort is your jam, check out neck gaiter designs ranging from flames to skulls to space scenes available with the Motley Tube from ZANheadgear.

Maximize Air Flow With Motorcycle Riding Pants

Hot engines on motorcycles are no help when trying to stay cool riding in the summertime, and the legs of riders are often directly affected by the heat that emanates from this area of the bike. Riding pants designed for airflow and the prevention of heat buildup can make a massive difference for overall riding comfort. 

These Alpinestars Ramjet Air Pants feature huge air intakes on the legs to deliver a consistent flow of fresh air to your lower extremities while protecting them from abrasion. And for longer trips in the summer that may result in rain riding, the Sedici Marco Mesh Waterproof Pants provide both cooling and protection from the elements.

Wherever you ride your motorcycle this summer, keep your phone at your fingertips for navigation and cueing up your favorite riding playlist with one of the Motorcycle Phone Mounts from Rokform. Featuring Roklock quarter-turn secure mounting, our motorcycle mounts work in unison with our phone cases to safely hold your phone on even the curviest of roads.

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