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× RokShield v3 is Unapologetically Rugged

by Ashley Schiermeyer August 26, 2013 RokShield v3 is Unapologetically Rugged

Over August, we highlighted our RokShield v3 for iPhone 5, which is now available in a wide range of colors in the Custom Shop or steal a Limited Edition color each month. As one of our premier cases, it certainly gets a lot of attention, but that is not just us tooting our own horn.

Jason Hidalgo,’s business and technology editor, took a keen liking to the RokShield describing it as “unapologetically rugged” during his full length product review. Hidalgo reports the case utilizes a “polycarbonate and rubber construction that would look more at home in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s H1 that it would in, say, Jennifer Lopez’ Maybach. Heck, even Halo’s Master Chief would Probably wish a metallic lime green was one of the color options for this case as it would fit nicely with his Spartan armor.” As luck would have it, the Limited Edition case this month sports an electric green and black color combination for a slick discount.

Describing the case, he notes it “is primarily constructed of two parts. You have the main inner shell that serves as the base for the Rokshield. The second piece is a rubber outer bumper that not only rhymes well, but also provides added protection from falls… One thing of note is that the v3 comes with a remote mounting system, which highlights a key feature for this case: modularity. The RokShield’s modular system allows you to attach the case to a range of optional accessories such as a magnet kit, tripod adapter, bike mount and even a golf shooter attachment.”

Hidalgo recommends the case to “folks who value added protection for their iPhone 5 over a slimmer profile. The ability to attach all sorts of optional attachments are also another plus for people who frequently use their iPhones for photo and video or active folk who like to use apps during their bike rides. If those sort of things appeal to you, then you’ll want to give this case an extra look.”

An international and national award winner, Hidalgo was awarded a Journalism Fullbright to Japan and has various assorted backgrounds with appearances in Glamour Magazine, Engadget, and USA Today. He is featured by primarily as a technology gadget reviewer.

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Ashley Schiermeyer
Ashley Schiermeyer


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