Lego and Google are Teaming Up on Chrome

Lego and Google are Teaming Up on Chrome

In this article, watch a video on how Google experimented with virtual Legos.
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If anyone asked me what my favorite toy was as a child I would have to say it was my legos. While they are sold mainly as kits most kids just have a hodgepodge of pieces from all sorts of long forgotten pre-determined kits. The colors never had to match and blueprints were never drawn up. All you needed was an imagination and legos allowed you to build anything. Build a jet fighter but it doesn’t have enough guns? Add some flat rectangle pieces to the wings facing forward and boom you’ve got quadruple the fire power. Your friend suddenly has hyper shields? No problem.. add some other pieces to your “guns” and now they pierce hyper shields and any other shields he may come up with… but I digress….

Up until now playing with legos on the go required lugging around a tub full of plastic pieces and nobody has time for that. So leave it to Google to solve another problem ailing mankind.. virtual legos. Mind blown.. I know.. but after you pick up the pieces check out this video showing it in action: (Don’t forget to share your creations with us on G+ by visiting

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