Staying active while social distancing

Staying active while social distancing

We’re breaking down our favorite tips and activities to stay active while social distancing.
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Social distancing is the temporary new normal for people around the country. More than half of the states have stay-at-home orders currently in place, including our home state of California. These orders are affecting more than 225 million people, or over two-thirds of our country’s population. 


So, what exactly is social distancing and what does it mean for staying active? Social distancing is defined as:

The practice of maintaining a greater than usual physical distance from other people or of avoiding direct contact with people or objects in public places during the outbreak of a contagious disease in order to minimize exposure and reduce the transmission of infection.

With so many of us practicing social distancing, what options are available to stay active? Parks, gyms, rec centers, and beaches around the nation may be closed but, the good news is, there are still plenty of activities you can do while practicing social distancing. In this article, we’re breaking down our favorite tips and activities to stay active while social distancing. 

At-home workout ideas during COVID-19

Stay connected with workout live streams

When it comes to delivering workouts to their members, physical trainers and gym owners around the country have learned to get creative. Workout live streams have been popping up on digital mediums like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, where teachers are able to open up their classes to more than just their members. Other gyms and studios have more advanced platforms in place to gate their content.

A handful of gyms offering live stream workouts during this time:

  • Barry’s Bootcamp - multiple workouts per day. Live stream on Instagram
  • Crunch Fitness - members can stream workouts via Crunch Live.
  • Orangetheory - uploading different 30-minute workouts to their page daily.
  • Mayweather Boxing + Fitness - offering 30-minute workouts 3x per day on Instagram Live.
  • So many more! If you do a quick search on Google, chances are you’ll find some more options.

Stay fit with flexible workout from home options

If working out with a live social media stream isn’t for you, there are still options to workout from home.  Lots of fitness app companies have stepped up amid the Coronavirus pandemic, offering premium app features that are usually available for a fee, for free.

A few of our favorites:

  • Nike Training Club (NTC) app - Workouts of all levels and lengths across strength, endurance, yoga and mobility. Nike’s opened up their Premium membership for free until further notice. 
  • Centr - Centr is a fitness app by Chris Hemsworth, who’s best known for playing super strong Marvel hero Thor. It’s a digital fitness platform focusing on fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. The workouts can be completed wherever you are and require little to no equipment. This is perfect for anyone staying at home right now. In light of the pandemic, Centr is now offering 6 weeks of free access. 
  • Down Dog apps - Down Dog makes a handful of popular fitness services for iPhone and iPad, including apps for Yoga, HIIT, and more. Down Dog is encouraging people to stay active by offering all of its apps, ranging from yoga to HIIT to Barre and more, for free (ends early April). 
  • Fitbit Premium is now free for, opening up tons of dynamic workouts and guided programs. The free trial is valid for ninety days.

Solo outdoor activities ideas during COVID-19

Prefer to workout outdoors? This is still a great option for getting in some exercise. Many parks, beaches, and outdoor rec areas are closed, so we suggest hitting the open road or trail (if open) for some exercise. 

A couple of our favorites:

  • Road cycling - Grab your road bike, helmet, and Rokform mount, and get some exercise on your bike. 
  • Trail running - Grab your shoes and hit the trails for a nice, long run. If you’re going for a trail run, don’t forget to bring your phone.

Rokform can help

Whether you prefer to workout from your house or get outside, Rokform products can help amplify your workout.

  • For at-home workouts, a good option is a mount that you can secure onto any flat, smooth surface. A magnetic case mounted to your fridge or in your garage can get you the perfect angle to watch any livestream or to lift your phone while exercising. Shop RokLock mount.
  • If you're going for a bike ride to get some exercise, look at Rokform bike mounts. Shop Rokform bike mounts.

Coronavirus resources and guidelines

It’s important to note that guidelines around which outdoor activities are permitted during this unprecedented time vary by state, and by county. Here are a few links to help you find out the right guidelines for your location.

CDC website on Coronavirus -

Google’s COVID-19 resources site -

World Health Organization (WHO) -

California -

Texas -

Florida -

Georgia -

New York -

Illinois -

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