Learn Rokform protects your phone from drops in this testimonial.  A Honda BTCC Team member shares his story on dropping his phone on the racetrack at the Thruxton circuit. 


#‎TestimonialTuesday‬ Story from RokFan Oliver:

“Working for the Honda BTCC Team at the Thruxton circuit, our drivers were coming in for a 1,2 finish so we ran to the wall to celebrate. I jumped up to cheer and my phone flys out of my top pocket and onto the track. I then have to watch 24 touring cars narrowly miss running it over until it can be recovered for me. No damage. I love this product. I really couldn’t live without my phone case!”

Oliver’s home TV capturing the moment when his phone tumbled onto the track. His phone is returned safely thanks to the protection from his Rokform Case (and a friendly staff member).

Has your Rokform product helped save the day? We LOVE hearing your unique and often hilarious stories about how Rokform has protected your phone from serious damage, improved efficiency at work, helped boost your cool status among friends, or wowed strangers with our unique mountability. Send your stories now to media@rokform.com

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