Top Airbnb’s For A Cross-Country Motorcycle Road Trip

Top Airbnb’s For A Cross-Country Motorcycle Road Trip

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When you’re planning a bucket-list ride across the country on your motorcycle, one of the biggest challenges can be finding accommodations that are friendly to motorcyclists. Being able to park close to the door so you can easily take your gear into your sleeping quarters for the night makes life on the road much easier, especially if you’ve been logging 500 or more miles a day.

One way to avoid the walks across colossal parking lots, up elevators, and down long hallways that hotels often subject riders to is booking an Airbnb in one of the suburbs or cities along your route. Being able to pull into a normal driveway and possibly even park under a carport or in a garage is far better than leaving your bike out in the rain all night long—a huge benefit of Airbnbs compared to hotels. Here are some of the top Airbnb’s we found for your next cross-country motorcycle trip.

On the east coast

If you’re starting your cross-country ride near New York City, you may want to stop in Pittsburgh, which is about a six-hour, 370-mile journey. For riders wanting to ease into the long trip ahead, this is a good amount of mileage to make headway without making yourself sore on day one.

This cozy guesthouse just a little way off I-70 and south of Pittsburgh offers free off-street parking so your bikes are just a short walk away and securely within eyesight from your room. The guesthouse can sleep up to four people, has a fully equipped eat-in kitchen, laundry, high-end luxury linens, a spa tub/shower, and fireplaces. Of course, there’s free wi-fi and Netflix too. If you have time to check out area attractions and are a fan of architecture, the Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater house is not far from here.

Top-10 Airbnb’s For A Cross-Country Motorcycle Road Trip

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In the midwest

If you love putting in big days on the motorcycle when riding across the country, you can head from Pittsburgh, PA for around nine hours and 600 miles to stay in St. Louis, MO for the night. One of the most iconic sights to see when traveling west across the country is seeing the St. Louis Arch from the freeway, a sign that the plains states are in store for you soon. It’s only a short trip off the main route to visit the Arch if you’ve got time for it.

After covering some serious ground, you’re going to want a place with the best possible sleep environment to rest up for another big day. Staying downtown can be a bit hectic and noisy, so this entire house just outside the city and not far from I-70 is perfect for those trying to get solid sleep and don’t care as much about being close to nightlife. There’s a driveway to park in, and there are two queen beds and a twin bed for five guests in total.

On the plains

Ticking off another 600 miles or so from St. Louis will land you near Colby, Kansas, not far from the Colorado border. There’s nothing fancy about the area, just a perfect place to stop right on I-70 on your trip west.

There’s a cozy cottage in Colby you can Airbnb for the night that has two queen beds and a sofa bed that can accommodate six guests. A fully-stocked kitchen and gas range makes it fast and easy to cook your pre-ride breakfast in the morning instead of having to take the bike out. That said, it’s only a few blocks to walk to local restaurants if you want to grab a bite for dinner at the end of your riding day.

In Colorado Near I-70

Had one too many 600 mile days at this point? You can dial it down to only 475 miles and seven hours of riding and stop in Grand Junction, Colorado. This cool little town has been a major hub for rail lines since the early days of the west. The scenery is mountainous and some of the roads can be fun riding in the area. There are also plenty of good hiking trails with views to check out if you need to walk some and bring some life back into your legs.

If it’s only you and one other rider, you can stay in Grand Junction, CO at this simple little house that is reasonably priced but still serves up the basics like laundry, wifi, and on-premises parking.

Last Night In Las Vegas

When you’re heading to Los Angeles as your west coast destination, you’ll divert to the south a bit on I-15 from the all-too-familiar at this point I-70. After riding 500 miles and seven hours, you’ll finally arrive in the ultimate place to celebrate only having one night left before you finally reach the west coast—Las Vegas, NV! From there, you’ll only have about a four-hour, 275-mile ride to reach the coast, so there’s plenty of time to sleep in the morning if you want to live it up for a night Vegas-style.

This ultra-posh 840-square foot apartment right off I-15 in downtown Las Vegas offers resort-style living to travelers. There’s free self-parking close to the entrance along with all the amenities you’d expect in a luxury apartment high-rise in Vegas like a pool and spa. It’s even connected to the Bellagio by a bridge!

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Be sure to post pics on Instagram and tag us if you stay at one of the above Airbnb stops. We always love seeing when we’re able to help readers discover new places!

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