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iPhone SE 2 Rumor Round-up

by Krista A. May 29, 2018

iPhone SE 2 Rumor Round-up

We sifted through articles on the Apple iPhone SE 2 to share what we know (and don't know) about the rumored SE 2.

It feels like just yesterday Apple dropped the iPhone X and all of its amazing new design features. More than six months have passed since Apple released the iPhone X to the public and customer/public response has generally been positive. Not convinced? Just look at its sales. Not only did Apple sales grow 25% last quarter, iPhone X was the word’s best–selling smartphone in Q1.

All signs point to Apple releasing a revamped version of its iPhone SE this year. What can you expect from the rumored iPhone, dubbed SE2 by speculators and enthusiasts? There’s still a lot of rumors that have not been confirmed, but we’ve done our best to round up the most circulated rumors about iPhone SE2.

About the Original iPhone SE

If you aren’t familiar with the original iPhone SE, it first arrived on the smartphone market in March 2016. Its design features an aluminum frame (the design of iPhone 5S) with the internal components of iPhone 6S. This made it an attractive device with components that still pack a punch for people hesitant to get a larger iPhone. Last March Apple bumped up the storage tiers on the SE but did not release a new model. Pricing starts at $349 for 32GB or storage and $449 for 128GB. If you’re familiar with the prices of Apple’s other iPhones, that’s a steal!

Expected 2018 iPhones

There are three different iPhone models that are expected to be announced during Apple’s annual keynote in, which is held during Q3.

  • iPhone X – An upgraded version of Apples iPhone X, which first debuted September 2017. Word on the Interweb is that the next generation iPhone X will be quite similar to the existing model, with a possible upgrade to the next generation A12 processors.
  • Larger iPhone – Supposedly, Apple has plans to launch its largest iPhone ever. This model is expected to be the same size as the 8 Plus, but with a larger screen—a result of the edge-to-edge design. This iPhone is said to use next-generation A12 processors and feature stainless steel edges. Face ID technology will be included to unlock device and enable payments—as will most of iPhone X’s coolest features.
  • iPhone X SE – A more economical version of the iPhone X with some key features. This, of course, is the iPhone with the largest question mark on it (and the one that we are semi-exploring today). Whether iPhone X SE and iPhone SE 2 are two separate phones is something still unconfirmed.

Apple announced that it will be holding a Tuesday morning keynote to start the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 5 in San Jose, California. Whatever it is the company has decided to do for iPhone models, we should know more very, very soon!

SE2 Design

Frame: Aluminum or All-glass back

Some speculate that the SE 2 will scrap the aluminum body in favor of the all-glass back introduced in the iPhone 8. This would not only update the phone’s look, but also enable wireless charging. This would also be the more economical frame upgrade, as the iPhone X features a stainless steel backing (and a price to go with it!).

Size: Same size as existing SE or iPhone X sized

Since no one is positive whether the iPhone X SE and iPhone SE 2 are the same, the phone’s size is also up in the air. Many customers enjoy the smaller iPhone SE size, which is why it’s believed that the SE 2 would remain the same size. 


The screen for iPhone SE 2 is rumored to include True Tone LCD screen technology, which is the technology used on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Meanwhile, iPhone X boasts True Tone OLED. 

Other design features

When the headphone jack was eliminated from Apple iPhones with the iPhone 7 release, many Apple fans found it difficult to let go. Leakers are mixed about whether the headphone jack will be removed from the SE 2, although it seems like an obvious update.

There’s also been discussion about whether the Home button will be eliminated. Most (unconfirmed) leaks we’ve come across believe the SE 2 would keep the physical Home button and Touch ID.

Components: Faster Processor and some iPhone X features?

People are split when discussing whether the iPhone SE 2 will include some of the hottest, newest smartphone features. Some say that the phone will include Face ID and edge-to-edge screen display, while others argue these features are unlikely to come at a more economical price. Most likely is an upgrade to the faster A10 Fusion processor.

SE2 Dates and Availability

Multiple speculation articles we came across believe the SE2 will be launched as early as the WWDC next week, although some believe it won’t be announced until Q3, when it typically releases newest flagship model.

In April, Apple registered several new iPhone models…something it typically does just before a launch. Signals that a new phone should be released very shortly (by the end of June). Some believe it may be announced during WWDC, while others think the launch excitement will be limited to just a press release. Apple has not introduced a smartphone at WWDC since 2010.

If you are keen to pick up an iPhone SE 2, we recommend marking your calendar for the WWDC keynote next Tuesday at 10am PST. Rokform is also anxiously awaiting to hear what’s next so we can get a Rokform case out asap.

Join the Rokform SE2 Interest List to be the first to hear about our latest cases for the mysterious iPhone!




Krista A.
Krista A.


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