Mount any phone model with the Universal Adapter

Mount any phone model with the Universal Adapter

The Universal Adapter mounts to almost any smartphone, giving you instant access to Rokform mounting technology, with or without a Rokform case.
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If you’ve upgraded to a device that isn’t included in the Rokform collection of smartphone cases, you can still stay connected to the Rokform ecosystem of mounts and accessories. The Universal Adapter mounts to almost any smartphone, giving you instant access to Rokform mounting technology, with or without a Rokform case.


How the Universal Adapter Works

 rokform universal adapter

The Universal Adapter lets you access Rokform-specific mounts and accessories that are typically only available for Rokform cases. That’s because it includes two signature Rokform components: RokLock Twist Lock mounting systems and magnetic technology.


RokLock Twist Lock

The RokLock Twist Lock is a quarter turn mounting system that locks cases into Rokform mounts. It's built into most of our phone cases, including Rugged, Crystal, and Fuzion Pro cases. If your phone model isn't supported by those cases, then the Universal Adapter is the perfect alternative!

Rokform mounts and accessories that use RokLock Twist Lock mounting system:

  • All bike mounts
  • All motorcycle mounts
  • Auto mounts: windshield suction mount, RokLock mount
  • UTV mount


Magnetic Technology

Most Rokform phone cases are further strengthened using magnetic technology. Powerful Neodymium magnets are placed just below the RokLock Twist Mount to provide an additional layer of security and grip. These magnets are guaranteed to be safe against harming your credit cards, phone hard drive, hotel room keys, GPS navigation, and more. 

Rokform mounts and accessories that use magnetic technology:

  • all bike mounts: V4 Pro Series, Pro Lite, Sport Handlebar
  • all motorcycle mounts: Fork Clamp, Handlebar, Perch
  • all auto mounts: Swivel Dash, Universal Vent, BAM, LilRok, windshield suction mount, RokLock
  • Multi-Tool


Rokform mounts that work on all phone cases

universal vent mount rokformrokform swivel dash mount 

As you can see above, there are a few Rokform mounts that rely solely on magnetic technology for a superior grip, in which case the Universal Adapter is not needed. This includes our Super Grip Vent Mount and Swivel Dash Mount, which are universal and do not require the adapter. Metal plates are included with the Super Grip Vent Mount for quick installation with any phone case.


Rokform magnetic mounts that do not require an adapter: Universal Vent Mount, Swivel Dash Mount, BAM, LilRok


Installing the Universal Adapter onto non-Rokform cases

The Universal Adapter uses 3M adhesive to easily and securely stick to almost any phone case surface, but installs best on smooth, flat surfaces.

Installation takes a minute. First, you’ll want to clean the backside of your phone case, so there isn’t any lingering dirt that might affect the quality of the 3M adhesive grip. Once cleaned and dry, just remove the protective film covering the adhesive and carefully place the adapter in the spot that works best for your specific smartphone model.


What others are saying about the Universal Adapter

Paul K recently got a new work phone, a Google Pixel 3, and was happy to come across the Universal Adapter as an apt replacement:

I was heartbroken when I found out that Rokform did not make a case for my Google Pixel 3. It is a work phone and I also have an iPhone for a personal phone. I had Rokform cases on my last 4 iPhones. I love them. They make it convenient to mount the phone everywhere in my car and house, especially the bathroom/shower. 
I was perusing the website, staring forlornly at all of the beautiful cases that weren’t made for my new phone, when I came across the universal mount. I ordered on the spot. It was easy to stick on and works almost as well as the Rokform iPhone cases that are designed and built specifically for the phone…Overall I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a Rokform case, but switches to an unsupported phone style...If you love Rokform, but they don’t support your new phone, this is a great option.


Gary also picked up the Universal Adapter when he upgraded his smartphone to an unsupported model:

Adapter for phone cover not available from RokForm works GREAT I got an LG phone and RokForm [doesn’t] make a phone case for it, so I had to opt for the universal adapter. So far has worked perfectly - just as if it was made for the case I attached it to. Would recommend if you don't have an Apple or Samsung.


So, if you're bumming out because you can't find a Rokform case for your new phone, check out the Universal Adapter to add Rokform functionality to any smartphone model.

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