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iPhone 8

The Rokform offices are buzzing in anticipation of the new iPhones that are expected to drop in September! 

We have been seeing rumors all over the place from various sources and have compiled a list of everything we have heard! Be sure to check back to this page to see updated rumors and news about our cases!


What is it going to be called?

If Apple was to follow the naming patterns we have seen in the past the 2017 devices would be named the iPhone 7s, but with all of the improvements that are being made, they could skip the iPhone 7s. We have seen both reports that say iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Why iPhone X? This year is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone so X could represent the roman numeral X! iPhone X could definitely be a potential, especially because of the iPhone SE that was released last Spring. According to an employee working on the iPhone 8 in Israel the team inside of Apple is currently calling the device the iPhone 8. We completely agree with iJustine with her excitement about the potential iPhone X naming rumor! 

What will the display look like?

While most of the rumors could be complete bogus, one of the rumors that is most like true is that at least one of the models will feature a OLED display. If you remember, Apple signed a deal with Samsung to produce OLED displays for 2017 debut devices, making the iPhone 8 a very likely candidate! These new OLED displays not only help squeeze every drop of power out of your device, but they also look fantastic! You will see truer colors and have improved viewing angles.

How big will it be?

Because the screen will take up the whole front of the screen, it is rumored that the phones will be approximately the same size as the current iPhones. 

How many devices will there be?

There are a variety of conflicting rumors on how many devices there will be, some say there will be three devices, with one of them being the "higher end" device. This middle device will have some features, full glass body, wireless charging, etc. that the other devices may not have. 

What is it going to cost?

Because of all the new features it is going to cost you a pretty penny to get your hands on this new iPhone... Rumors say it could be somewhere around $1,000!! You better start saving now!! 

How long will the battery last?

Rumor has it that the iPhone 8 could have an updated logic board and will most likely feature a bigger battery, giving the smaller phone a similar battery life as the current iPhone 7 Plus.  

No more cords?

Speaking of batteries... One of the most exciting rumors is said to be wireless charging! No need to fuse with lightning cables anymore! We think being able to charge your phone from across the room would be rad! Mashable does report this wireless charging "would increase the internal temperature of the phones . As a result , the forthcoming iPhone ... will have a new hardware component to protect the unit from overheating." 

Will the phone be water resistant?

Rumor has it that Apple will be taking yet another step to make sure your phone is safe from the elements. Similar to the Galaxy S7 the phone is rumored to have a IP68 rating, and be able to be dropped in 1.5 meters of water for approximately 30 minutes.

Will the dual camera be sticking around?

If you have used an iPhone 7 Plus you know how amazing the dual camera is, Ming-Chi Kuo, who often predicts Apple rumors correctly has suggested a vertical dual camera instead of a horizontal dual camera.

Will Siri have a new look/sound?

With artifical intelligence taking a bigger role in our lives, see Alexa, Google Home etc. It is thought that the new iPhone will also come with a new Siri. It is also rumored that Alexa will have a new buddy in the speaker space with a potential Siri enabled speaker.

When can I get my iPhone 8?

If Apple sticks to tradition we will be seeing a new device sometime in September of 2017!

When can I get my new Rokform iPhone 8 Case?

We are already working hard on a NEW iPhone 8 Case design and cannot wait to show you! We are anticipating launching our all new iPhone 8 Case(and some familiar favorites) as soon as we know more about the latest Apple device!